New Demos

Finally getting stuck into some new music with about 20 or so demos on the go.


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Slip Inside This House

Another cover. 13th Floor Elevators song ‘Slip Inside This House’, as done with a couple synths, an 808, a 5 dollar mic.

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Dogs Are The Best People

Been working on some new music finally. Here’s a cover I recorded yesterday while working on some demos. It’s a synthpunk version of Australian band The Fauves’ classic ‘Dogs Are The Best People’. Free download or stream from bandcamp page.

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2003 – 2013 10xCD Boxset


Currently putting together a 10 CD Box Set of stuff I’ve produced between 2003-2013, including music by most of my various projects over the last decade.

DISC 1 – Hobo Obituaries ‘Collection’ (23 songs)
DISC 2 – Mystery School ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 3 – Smitten Kitten ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 4 – Stalking Butlers / Jhonny Hobo ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 5 – Bob Gnarly & the Supernatural Mystics ‘Covers’ (18 songs)
DISC 6 – Hobos & Friends ‘Collaborations and Remixes’ (16 songs)
DISC 7 – The Sunshine Twins ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 8 – Friends of the Library ‘Collection’ (22 songs)
DISC 9 – Ultra Ego ‘Demos Collection’ (6 songs)
DISC 10 – Illegal Music ‘Mashup Party Supermix’

Limited Edition of 10 copies.
Smitten Kitten and Ultra Ego were never available on CD before.
Will also include a bonus zine w/ tracklisting and info

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Gary Numan!

Stoked to see Gary Numan play tonight. Was a really brilliant set. Here’s Gary and I hanging out backstage after the show. As a total synth-pop nerd, was really great to meet him. Legend!


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Update, May 2014

Howdy! Been a little bit quiet of late but have been┬ákeeping busy working on a bunch of new things… Some collaborations, an instrumental side project, artworks, the next Mystery School album, and so on… So plenty in the works for the rest of 2014!!! There’s only a handful of 7 inch EPs left, so if you haven’t got one yet, they are available here.┬áHere’s a recent photomontage piece I made.


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New Mashup Mix Free Download

Here’s the latest volume in my mash up mix series ILLEGAL MUSIC. If you like 90s music you’re probably gonna have a lot of fun!

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