Slack Magick Cases

Here’s a few more examples of the custom Slack Magick cases..Slack-Magick-CDs-2 Slack-Magick-CDs-1

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Slack Magick CD available to order.

New album under the name SLACK MAGICK, an instrumental synth album, is available to order online now from the Mystery School bandcamp merch page. The CD pictured is just for an example, each comes with it’s own custom one-of-a-kind artwork.


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Post Graduate Activities

So, with Mystery School on hiatus for now, been working on a bunch of different things. One of which is an instrumental synth album under the moniker SLACK MAGICK. It’s finished and will be pressing some copies up over the next few days. Each copy will come with it’s own custom individual one-of-a-kind artwork. Online orders will be available real soon. Bunch of other stuff I have planned too.


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School’s out…

“School’s out for summer.. School’s out forever (?).. School’s been blown to pieces…”
Thanks to everyone who supported Mystery School by coming to shows, listening to my tunes, buying merch and whatnot. Really appreciate it. Extra massive special thanks to my wife Bianca and also to Ben Ely. See ya round!

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Slip Inside This House

Another cover. 13th Floor Elevators song ‘Slip Inside This House’, as done with a couple synths, an 808, a 5 dollar mic.

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2003 – 2013 10xCD Boxset


Currently putting together a 10 CD Box Set of stuff I’ve produced between 2003-2013, including music by most of my various projects over the last decade.

DISC 1 – Hobo Obituaries ‘Collection’ (23 songs)
DISC 2 – Mystery School ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 3 – Smitten Kitten ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 4 – Stalking Butlers / Jhonny Hobo ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 5 – Bob Gnarly & the Supernatural Mystics ‘Covers’ (18 songs)
DISC 6 – Hobos & Friends ‘Collaborations and Remixes’ (16 songs)
DISC 7 – The Sunshine Twins ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 8 – Friends of the Library ‘Collection’ (22 songs)
DISC 9 – Ultra Ego ‘Demos Collection’ (6 songs)
DISC 10 – Illegal Music ‘Mashup Party Supermix’

Limited Edition of 10 copies.
Smitten Kitten and Ultra Ego were never available on CD before.
Will also include a bonus zine w/ tracklisting and info

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Gary Numan!

Stoked to see Gary Numan play tonight. Was a really brilliant set. Here’s Gary and I hanging out backstage after the show. As a total synth-pop nerd, was really great to meet him. Legend!


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