Have some music projects lined up but been working more on new art at the moment with a few commissions and just general sillyness. Will be posting them on my tumblr and instagram and whatnot. My tumblr page is here. Most are for sale, so if you are interested in buying one just email me at hoboobituaries@gmail.comimage

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Slack Magick shirts have been posted

Have posted out the 1st run of Slack Magick shirts. Thanks to everyone who has bought one! I have also added a black shirt version to the merch page (which costs a little bit extra), and have a 2nd run of Ts ordered and on their way to me, which includes some black ones. I will probably only be doing one more pressing of this design, so if you want one you will need to order before the start of next week. Available here.


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Slack Magick available again

Had a few more requests for the custom case Slack Magick CD, so have made it available again for a short time only. Click the pic for the merch page.


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Slack Magick shirt

Just added these shirts to the bandcamp merch page. Limited edition, will only be available for a short time. Bandcamp only takes Paypal, so just msg me if you wanna do bank transfer instead. $20 (+ $5 postage)


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Slack Magick is now Sold Out.

The SLACK MAGICK CD is now sold out. Well, at least the one-off individual custom artwork version of it, I may make a generic paper sleeve version available at some stage, possibly with a Slack Magick shirt.

As an anti-social hermit type, it can be really hard to get your work out there.. So I super appreciate all the orders I received yesterday before I made it no longer available (as well as those who’ve already got one), I decided with this release to not put it online for streaming/downloading for a few reasons, I also wanted to change it up a bit from Mystery School as I didnt wanna just repeat myself or anything, and thankful a bunch of people took a chance without hearing any of the new project before getting it. As a shitty little bedroom recording type musician I don’t need or expect a big audience, so to have even a handful of people interested in hearing it is all the motivation I need to keep going, so thank you so much, I really appreciate it! It might take me a little bit to get the cases made so please bear with me.


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Limited time left to get Slack Magick CD

The limited edition handmade individual one-off artwork version of my latest album, SLACK MAGICK, will only be available for a little while longer. You can aquire it from here, or contact me if you can’t do Paypal and we can work something else out.. Huge thanks to those who have got it so far!!!

Picture 3

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Getting animated!

Have slowly started to put together one of the next projects I’ve been planning for a while.. An album of covers of tunes from Japanese animation soundtracks for the 70s and 80s (and maybe up to early 90s too).. The list of possible inclusions so far includes songs taken from Dirty Pair, Lupin The 3rd, Devilman, Bubblegum Crisis, Getter Robo, Cutie Honey, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers), Crusher Joe, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star), and Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets).



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