Practical Mysticism (deluxe edition)

Jhonny Russell and the Mystery School started in January 2011 with the release of the 5 song EP ‘Practical Mysticism in Modern Living’. Going on to get plenty of recognition thru more demo recordings, self-screen-printed merch, shows throughout QLD, NSW and VIC (including festival and music conference showcase performances), as well as articles & interviews in Rave, Time Off, Mx and The Sun. The original 5 song demo EP versions of ‘Practical Mysticism..’ and ‘Chansons de Geste’ were recorded completely lo-fi with really poor gear and all vocals done with the in-built laptop mic. Now these demo EPs (only 33 copies of each pressed) are no longer available, so due to demand ‘Practical Mysticism in Modern Living’ has been re-recorded with (slightly) better gear and expanded to 14 track LP form, collecting also some tracks from the ‘Chansons de Geste’, ‘Left for Dead’ and ‘Risking Everything’ EPs. I’m making the album FREE for download for a very short time.

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