2003 – 2013 10xCD Boxset


Currently putting together a 10 CD Box Set of stuff I’ve produced between 2003-2013, including music by most of my various projects over the last decade.

DISC 1 – Hobo Obituaries ‘Collection’ (23 songs)
DISC 2 – Mystery School ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 3 – Smitten Kitten ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 4 – Stalking Butlers / Jhonny Hobo ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 5 – Bob Gnarly & the Supernatural Mystics ‘Covers’ (18 songs)
DISC 6 – Hobos & Friends ‘Collaborations and Remixes’ (16 songs)
DISC 7 – The Sunshine Twins ‘Collection’ (16 songs)
DISC 8 – Friends of the Library ‘Collection’ (22 songs)
DISC 9 – Ultra Ego ‘Demos Collection’ (6 songs)
DISC 10 – Illegal Music ‘Mashup Party Supermix’

Limited Edition of 10 copies.
Smitten Kitten and Ultra Ego were never available on CD before.
Will also include a bonus zine w/ tracklisting and info

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