Last few 7 inch records

Will have the last remaining 4 copies of my 7 inch EP for sale at this week’s 2 shows at The Zoo in Brisbane with Regurgitator. Will also have some copies of the 14 track CD album and the last few shirts too.


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Not a lot of tickets left for the Thursday show

If you are interested in getting along to see the shows I’m playing with Regurgitator, I would recommend you get your tickets now, because the Friday show has been sold out for weeks, and Thursday night is fast heading that way too. There was barely any remaining so they just released a few more, but doubt they’ll last too long. See you there!


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August issue of Scenestr magazine

Latest issue of Scenestr magazine has a Mystery School feature where I was asked to do a ‘Top 5’ type list.. So in line with my upcoming shows, my topic of discussion was my favourite dudes, Regurgitator. Pick up a copy and check it out!


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Supporting Regurgitator in Brisbane

Super stoked to be playing with Regurgitator again on their upcoming tour. I will be opening both Brisbane shows at The Zoo, Thursday August 27th and Friday August 28th. The Friday night sold out a couple weeks ago, but there are still tickets left for the Thursday one. Also playing both shows will be the totally awesome Godswounds from Sydney. Hope to see you there!

Regurgitator 2015 Tour

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Return of the Mystery School

Ok, so i guess it was probably inevitable that Mystery School would return.. Didn’t think it would be so soon though, but after the great response to the Slack Magick project (CD and shirts are now sold out, thanks so much if you bought one!), I’m itching to get working on new music and perform again. Expect some live performances announced soon, can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I last played live! Getting stuck into making some new Mystery School tunes too, so the Yokai Patrol (my project of cover versions of Japanese animation themes of the 70s and 80s) album will probably be put on the back burner for a bit..


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Blooom art

Recently contributed a piece of art for the cover of Blooom (based in London, UK)’s new EP ‘The Beat Orphanage’. Happy to be involved, as the songs I’ve heard previews of are fantastic. Will post a link when it’s available, for now here’s the artwork. Also just finished a piece for Californian band Shmoe’s new EP which should be out real soon too!


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Been working on some new art lately with a few commissions and just general sillyness. Will be posting them on my tumblr and instagram and whatnot. My tumblr page is here. Most are for sale, so if you are interested in buying one just email me at image

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